David and I spent Halloween this year in Northern Kentucky at my parent’s house. There were parties to go to here in Louisville, but neither of us felt like going on the great costume hunt so we opted to spend the day with my family. Before we headed over to my brother’s house, David and I went for a walk around my parent’s place and took some pictures of the fall foliage and such. Here are some photos from the day.

Fiery red leaves on a Japanese Maple tree.

Japanese Maple

I stood under the branches so David could take a picture.


David didn’t exactly get the same effect I did.


Oh well, I knew going into the marriage that he has an awkward time taking pictures 🙂

Later on we went over to my brother and sister-in-law’s house to see our nieces in their costumes. I didn’t get too many pictures of them but they were super cute!

Alex was Princess Presto and Kate was a monkey. Who has the cutest nieces? I do!


We took them trick-or-treating and saw a lot of creative costumes including a giant spoon and a man dressed as a beer bottle. Alex, referring to beer bottle man, said, “He looks like funny!” Later, we saw beer man again and she said “There’s the man in the chocolate milk costume.” Too cute! We had so much fun that it made me want to have my own kids to take trick-or-treating. In time people, in time.