I have started listening to Christmas music; I am not ashamed to admit this. If I waited until December 1st then I would only have 25 days to enjoy the thousands of Christmas songs that are out there, which makes no sense whatsoever! Plus, do you know how fast 25 days go by?! FAST. So today I was listening to the song, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, on Pandora. This is my least favorite Christmas song ever. When I was young it would scare me because these so called “we’s” — the ones who kept wishing me a merry Christmas over and over again — also demanded something called “figgy pudding.” And they certainly were not leaving until they got some. Which leads me to the question: what exactly is figgy pudding?

Now if you are completely bored at this point then by all means stop reading. But if you’re like me, and often Google random obscure things that pop into your mind, then keep reading. Okay, so what is figgy pudding? Well you might be surprised to find out. . . IT’S NOT PUDDING AT ALL! Confusing, huh? While exploring articles about figgy-not-so-pudding, I found an NPR segment that explains the dessert quite nicely. Apparently, Michelle Norris has been wondering what figgy pudding is too. What a coincidence! So instead of me writing a bunch of stuff about which I’m not even really sure, you can listen to the 8 minute NPR segment: Now, You Can Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding.

While you listen please enjoy some nice but questionable pictures of figgy pudding.

That looks like something that should remain unmentioned. And do I see peas and carrots?

figgy 1

This one looks much more edible.

figgy 2

Mmm… a personal-sized figgy pudding with shredded cheese, maybe.

figgy 3