One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog is due to my love for homes, architecture, and decorating. David and I bought our home in Louisville    July 1st, 2008. We love our little house and I have had a wonderful time turning it into a  home. I have taken my sweet time doing so because I didn’t want to make any hasty decisions and then regret my choices later. This post will hopefully be the beginning of a series of posts about the coming together of our home. To get things started I want to give you a quick peek at the outside of our house 🙂

Here is a before shot of our house taken July 2008

Our Home today!!

This is our beautiful entrance. I love our front door and the mums came from my sister’s wedding in October

Our Fall display

Having the responsibility of owning a home is hard but I have sure learned a lot. Who knew I would know so much about soil acidity, electric mowers, paint color choices, and shower mixers? Hopefully I’ll soon be able to do a before and after post of the inside our house! I just love before and after pictures. I hope you do too!