I love to make my own things. There is so much satisfaction in creating something with your own hands. That’s one reason I love throwing pottery. My hands are in the clay turning it into a functional piece, but since I don’t get to throw pottery anymore (it’s too expensive 😦 and I graduated :)) I like to look for other things to satisfy my creative side. I found the following craft in my November issue of Country Living. What is great about this craft is that it works as a fall, winter, and Christmas decoration. All you need in order to get started are some pine cones, solid ribbon, and a hot glue gun. I bought all three things at Michael’s for $9.00!!!

Here is my finished version.

When choosing your eight pine cones at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or wherever else you might find them, make sure they are in good condition and are 2-4 inches in length. You can also use a different color ribbon. My sister used a bright red ribbon which also looked really good.

Now lets get started!!! First you need to cut eight strips of ribbon. Each strip needs to be about two feet in length.

My eight pine cones and eight ribbons.

Next take your warmed glue gun and put some glue either on the end of a ribbon or directly onto the top of the pine cone. Press the ribbon and pine cone together.

Once you have glued all eight pine cones go ahead and put them somewhere safe to dry. Now go ask your husband for a massage. Just kidding. . . sort of.

Drying beautifully!

Once you are super positive that the ribbons have throughly dried to the tops of the pine cones gather them all up and stagger them so they hang at different lengths. Tie a knot and snip the tops of the ribbons at a pretty angle.

That’s it! Wasn’t that easy? Now go hang your beautiful decoration on your front door, on a window, or between two windows like I did.

The ribbon goes perfectly with the couch.

Merry Christmas!!