About three times a year the girls in my family head to Waynesville, Ohio, to do a little shopping. I love our trips and I absolutely love Waynesville! The town itself is older than the state of Ohio. It’s located about 45 minutes north of Cincinnati, which is where my family lives.  The town is small and has a long main street filled with specialty shops, antique stores, and two big fabric stores. Most of the smaller decorative items in my house are things I’ve purchased in Waynesville dating back to my early teens. I know it may be weird to think of a 13-year-old girl buying home decor, but I got it from my Mom who got it from her Mom and so on.

All of the store items are very affordable; not to mention that most of the stores are in old houses or buildings. Many of my Christmas decorations come from Waynesville. I love to look at them and remember our trips or the stores from which I got them.  We recently went up the day after Thanksgiving and I wanted to share some pictures of the day and of the town with all of you! Maybe you will even want to check it out for yourself!

Looking down Main Street

Historic buildings

The inside of one of the stores

My Mom, niece, and sister-in-law posing for a picture!

The outside of one of our favorite stores