I don’t think I have even been so ready to get rid of winter as I was this year. After 19 weeks of pregnancy nausea and laying on the couch cooped up inside I could not wait to get outside and feel the sun! Boy, am I looking forward to the rest of April 🙂 The weather here has been beautiful and I just looked at the 10 day forecast which is filled with upper 70s temps and plenty of sunshine. Woohoo! On top of the beautiful weather I just booked David and I a room in Gatlinburg, TN for the end of April. We’ll be staying in a hotel that I’ve never stayed in before but it received good reviews, plus we’ll have a balcony over a mountain stream. Ahhh bliss!

A view of our hotel

Also, the Louisville Zoo’s Zoo Poopy Doo is this weekend and the next two following weekends. The zoo will fill a small truck bed with their own homemade mulch for only $25. This will definitely be enough mulch for our small yard. I’m ready to get all of our landscaping looking better and weed free. The zoo will also fill a garbage can with compost for only $10. This is super exciting because compost is expensive and every good garden need some nutrient rich compost! David and I make our own compost in our back yard and we actually had enough to fill our entire garden this year, but we want to get some more to add to the clay soil we have in our landscaping. Clay soil = 😦

Finally a baby update! Last week we found that we’re having a boy!! Momma’s intuition told me we were having a boy so I wasn’t very surprised. Right now I’m trying to not get to overwhelmed by all the baby paraphernalia that is out there and that the world thinks you need. This past weekend my mom and I went to look at nursery furniture and other accessories  and we were amazed at how big everything was! It seemed a bit excessive and we have such a small house that I only want to get what we need. Advice anyone?

As far as my health goes, momma and baby seem to be doing well. We saw our little guy moving all around during our 20 week ultrasound and he even gave us a high-five! As a result we got a great picture of his hand 🙂 It was wonderful to see him so active because I have hardly felt him at all. The doc informed me that I have an anterior placenta, or my placenta is in the front. This is completely normal as the placenta can be located in the front, on top, or behind the baby. Since mine is in the front though the baby’s movements will be muffled and harder to feel. The doctor described it as though there is a pillow between me and the baby and baby is punching and kicking the pillow instead of me. Though I was a bit sad to hear this news I was a million times relieved since I was beginning to wonder why I wasn’t feeling the baby move very much.

Other then the location of my placenta 😉 I am beginning to feel much better. I have not thrown up in 2 weeks and my nausea hardly even comes around these days! My belly is certainly growing though! It’s fun but I am beginning to get slightly uncomfortable. I sure hope you’ll are enjoying Spring and your pregnancies, if you are pregnant, which I know many of you are!