David and I have been enjoying this beautiful April weather by spending time in our backyard. Last weekend we fixed up the landscaping and bought a charcoal grill! We’ve already used it twice. I love grilling fresh veggies and a juicy steak!ย  We also planted 7 types of herbs in pots, but I’m not sure of how they’ll do. We planted: basil, chamomile, cilantro, chives, parsley, oregano, and rosemary. Here’s a picture of our backyard from last night. Isn’t the golden evening sunlight pretty?

Next on the list: planting flowers in the window box, hanging baskets, and pots on the front porch and planting our vegetable garden! We’re still trying to decide what to grow. In the meantime, does anyone know of some shade- loving annuals I could plant in my hanging baskets? They hardly get any sun at all and all I can seem to find are sun-loving annuals.